From July 23, 2014

Beaver Terminology

If you can overlook the significant noise in the How to Get Around MIT "Fun Facts" glossary, the signal is redolent with technology, obsession, and wit.

From February 8, 2013

Countries by Coastline

Another great list with a surprising first position.

From November 26, 2012

SNL Cast Chart

A pleasantly revelatory chart features all SNL cast members coming and going. Interesting patterns around bloodletting.

From August 19, 2012

The DFW Archives

A really engaging discussion around the archive of David Foster Wallace at the Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin.

From March 15, 2012

Unparked Prices

Interesting experiment in variable pricing for public parking in San Francisco.

From March 15, 2012

More Line

Details for more NYC High Line (including evidence of the unexpected appeal of the linear).

From March 15, 2012

Extreme Points of the United States

Nothing more than Wikipedia at its own verbose extremities.

From January 14, 2012

Walken's Wisdom

Plenty of pearls from the incomparable Christopher Walken.

From October 24, 2011

Wonderfully High Life

A complete compendium of Jeff Selis and Errol Morris' wonderful Miller High Life spots from 2000ish.

From August 16, 2011

O'Bannon on the dawn of CG

Dan O'Bannon's dime tour of early motion picture CG work for computer displays.

From February 8, 2011

Dirty Harry dissected

Look no more for an obsessive accounting of firearms trivia for motion pictures.

From January 10, 2010

Pepsi Throwback

Excellent coverage of Pepsi's limited edition beverage, with appetizing 1970's design and cane sugar.

From October 26, 2009

Years in the Future

So complete, so early: Years in the Future

From October 16, 2009

The Movie Titles Stills Collection

The Movie Titles Stills Collection is precisely what it claims to be. Adroit curation by Christian Annyas.